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Pittsburgh, Pa, US
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Hip Hop, Rap, Indie


Rick Cousar, or in the streets of Hip Hop he is known as "YoungRick" , born in Pittsburgh,PA on February 3rd,
1989. YoungRick started loving music as a adolescent at the age of 9 and started to lyrically express himself at the age of 11. Influenced by the rap group Kriss Kross and how they achieved to show the Hip Hip community that talent over powers age and no matter how old he was he can reach his goals. By the age of 12 YoungRick started making beats on a yamahakeyboard and recording his lyrics on a boom box that one of his friends carried around his neighborhood, he knew he had feelings that needed to be heard and the only way to express them feelings were to record them like Kriss Kross. By this time he had came across other artist that influenced him such as Tupac Shakur with his authentic skills ofpainting a picture of hardship in his lyrics. When YoungRick heard this style of music he automatically wanted to make people feel good and dance, but felt like he had to send a positive message to the world with it. Tupac showed him to prepare for the world and its surroundings, to live in this world not just exist and write about it but live it and be about it.
In the year 2001, YoungRick completed his first recorded single "Achieve" in a rap group called "All-Out-War", the
song was released on Full-a-Klips records/Music Tone compilation mixtape, produced by Tommy gunzz [a.k.a] Tommy Parker. Two years later in 2003 YoungRick released his first LP "JackMode"(2003) , co produced by himself and Ryan Tedder with hit singles such as "I see you Haters" and "Blow it out the Frame". In 2004 he decided to come out with double disc mixtape "A New Era part I"(2004) to show the streets how far he can go with this music, he released 31 songs for the mixtape just as a opener to his success to come, in 2005 he released the second coming of the mixtape "A New Era part II"(2005) which followed right after part I and had his childhood city looking towards him to make everything happen with his music. After the success of the 2nd mixtape in 2005 he decided to come out with another LP this time expressing his talents even more, wanting to show not just his community but the world how creative he was he released"Lyrics and Dreams"(2005) , produced by himself and CBlack with the smash hit single "Pittsburgh Swagger". After releasing his last LP he decided to finish high school and go to college to learn more about the business side of the music industry and receive his degree in merchandising management. After college graduation he quickly released the LP "Follow my Lead"(2009) , produced by himself with the hit single "Shorty whats ya name". College showed YoungRick how to look at the industry after all the years of only having talent now he possessed the power to control his career and move in the direction he felt was best for him and his music. Working with Ascap now he had the opportunity to show the world just how talented, creative and inspiring he truly is for the Hip Hop Nation. In the summer of 2011 he worked with Atlanta Rapper Bella Pitts featuring on two songs for her Album "Simply Bella"(2011-12), he dropped another LP "Life On Record"(2011) and another mixtape "I AM HIP HOP vol. 1"(2011) which is becoming more effective to his movement everyday in creating a loyal YoungRick fan base for him as his career as it elevates and reaches its goals. Anticipating "The Memo: 02/03/89"(2012), it is said that this will be the starting phase of YoungRicks career in the industry and is a known fact that this mixtape will reach ears in higher places and is already getting 5 star reviews.
In all the years of writing, recording, engineering, performing is place such as [ De Ja Vu Nite Club, Dreams Nite Club, Pittsburgh's Strip District, The Retreat bar and The Rex Theater ] perfecting and mastering his craft is what he strives for. YoungRick plans to give the industry a whole other sound of music. Music that creates a movement, music that creates more opportunities for the people in his childhood community and soon after globally.