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Anthony Vankoningsveld

Anthony Vankoningsveld
Country, Rockabilly
My Grandpa


I was born March 15 1988 am 23 years old now.I learned to sing and play the guitar by self teaching my self and some tips from my grandpa whos been playing the guitar and singing for 50 years. I like to play older country and around 50, 60's rock like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr, Waylon Jennings, Buddy Hollly, CCR, Etc. I aslo sing and write my own songs. hope you guys like my music not a professional just like to play for fun. no matter who will bring you down along the roads we travle you shall just rise and keep walking never losing hope and spreading love and happieness from the deepest of your heart so that one day they shall see even if it takes you too the end of the road so just do what you love and show it from the heart. I also Write my own song's as well my latest song being I never forget a memmory as strong which was written about my dad who passed away on 8/20/2012.