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Rude Dogs

Rude Dogs
Bristol, Pa., USA
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Rock, Classic Rock, Blues Rock
Geri Gates (Vocals/Guitars/Songwriting, Matt Rodriguez Drums/Backing Vocals, Kirk Swenson Bass/Backing Vocals)
The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Black Country Communion



At a time when mostly copy & pasted cookie cutter acts capture the attention and entertainment dollar of todays music market. Rude Dogs is a refreshingly bold and Earthy sounding alternative to todays typically over produced dung. It is as if the music industry as a whole were a fire hydrant, and these Dogs decided to lift their respective legs on it, in an effort to mark to what is to become their territory.

Formed in the late spring of 2012, Canine recording artists Rude Dogs is a Hard Rocking Power house trio consisting of Geri Gates (Guitars, Lead Vocals), Matt Rodriguez (Drums & Percussion), & Kirk Swenson (Bass & Backing Vocals). All three having an impeccable musical pedigree, each having played in a wide variety of music styles, and with some of the best names in the business. Making them highly respected amongst their peers.
Rude Dogs first came together as of a result of a good mutual friend (Bill McWilliams) who introduced each of the three members to one another at a backyard Bar B. Q . This is where they had the opportunity to first jam with one another. All three musicians felt that special magic in the air on that fateful night, as they cast their magic spell upon the lucky attendees who clamored around to get a good space in order to glimpse a view of the next great Legacy in rock.
This Modern Day Power Trio immediately commandeered a private rehearsal facility in order to master and present the wealth of original material that chief songwriter Geri Gates had been saving for such an occasion as this. One song which he kept under wraps only until recently is called Ragman which Gates describes as: A tribute to the many men and women who struggle on a daily basis in this economy to just put food on the table for their respective families, and what they must go through in order to do so.
Rude Dogs sound has been described as a mixture of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, & Nirvana put together in a blender. Yet their sound is so much more than just that. Their material is catchy, with Big Hooks, & Memorable Chorus which is the case with two more crowd favorites, She (Fake It) & "Quicksand" each arriving at the listeners ears offering a refreshingly radio friendly sound yet, keeping that all important street credibility that a band of this quality craves.
These Dogs come to the table with many years of Live & Recording experience, and are planning to debut their recorded sound upon the general public during the late summer/early fall months of 2012 via C.D.. All this is in hopes of capitalizing on the initial word of mouth momentum which they have already created via their jaw dropping live performances.
With masterful musicianship, a unique sound, and extremely well crafted songs, Rude Dogs is poised to take one BIG bite out of the music scene as it now exists, leaving behind a trail that will be hard to sniff out. for those that follow. Like the saying says; Every Dog Has Its Day.