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Fort Walton Beach, Florida, US
Postal code:
Hip Hop, Rap, R&B
Tupac, Nas, Biggie, AZ


Truel is a young lyricist, dynamic in his talent in such a manner even he is unable to categorize his style. Self proclaimed as neither a lyrical nor a ring tone rapper, Truel’s main intent is to narrate a story or paint a picture using just his words. When inquired as to whom his music was presented, Truel’s response indicated his cognizance of the varied economical standing of his listening audience. In his music, the picture he is painting, the story he is telling, is intended to be something any listener can find relatable. He’s quoted as saying, “Not everyone’s got a Benz or a Bentley some niggas got a ‘96 Mazda.” His music is geared toward any and every individual covered within that substantial scope. Inspiration for his work is drawn from his own life experiences as well as the music of rappers he deems influential such as Tupac, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Biggie and Nas. Having sparked an interest in music at the tender age of 12, Truel has grown into quite the exceptionally adroit rapper. Despite having yet receiving his due accolades, his talent is apparent through his work with Supa the Don, Bubba B, Will of State, Big C, Money Mitch and Twila. Collaborations with seasoned producer Supa the Don resulted in impressive hits such as “Make Me”, “K. O.” and “Hello”. Supa produced Truel’s mixtape entitled “Unsigned Talent” in which Bubba is featured. Finding their initial collaborations to be a successful endeavor, Truel spawns yet another mixtape with the adept Don as host. Truel’s first solo mixtape “Practice”. With upcoming projects such as “The Application” any listener familiar with Truel’s previous work can undoubtedly agree that critical acclaim is just a matter of time. ..