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Bezhetsk, Bezhetskiy district, village Rykulino, Russia
Postal code:
Ambient, Christian, Experimental
Oleg Nelipovich
Ardallion, Brian Eno, KraftWerk


Hi, my name is Oleg Nelipovich,
composer and sound designer.
I'm 51 years old, I live in Russia, Tver region, Bezhetskiy district, 
village Rykulino. I like the Russian land. 
Life in the village helps me deal more broadly with their creativity.. 
I'm fond of sound designing. My favorite musical genres are 
Electronic Experiment, Experimental Ambient, Ambient, Dark Ambient, 
Space Ambient, Lowercase, Noise, New Age 
The existence of this site is to let the like-minded 
persons hear such kind of music, share their opinions, help the 
folks in understanding it. I think these genres help to understand 
what's happening around us and let us see depeer our own 
essenses, our inner worlds. One word that discribes my music 
is Ambient implied by the genre.

My creature is meant to have the elements of that style as the 
patricles. I stay closer to the creative experiments in that direction. 
I mean Ambients is the base for my further further motion, helping 
me in taking every second step, and the certain starting point. 
I'd like to try to combine Electronic Experiment, Ambient, 
Dark Ambient, New Age, to synthesize the wholesome music, 
element filled with the integrated species of those genres. 
It mean snot to simply add one genre to another with smooth 
crossafading but to entertwine them. That's Electronic Experiment 
means for me the wider spectrum of filling. The task is not 
trivial and I have no illusions about it - just direct myself to. 
The multitude of the Electronic Music has given a huge impulse 
to my slumbered and fantasies that has found their certain form. 
The realization of my musical ideas I do connect for myself 
with the electronic sounds taken as the priority of my Electronic 
Composing and surely there is a place and time to entertwine 
those sounds with the live sound of instruments. This way is 
well-known for example in ethno-folk genre. I'll be expanding 
and supporting the tradition or "incrustation" the Sound Ideas 
and Electronic Creature. Studying to hear and find in the 
Electonic Sound all those distances of the Immense World 
around us I started to understand the world in myself. My rich 
inner world is not restrained by the earthly dimensions and 
the Universal ones - of the human eyes.

Many years were spent to analyze all that I wanted to see and 
to hear in the electronic sound. This analysis and the systematic 
explorations of the depths of Electronic Music taught me 
(and still is teaching) many things. I guess this is the eternal 
process and that is exactly what interests me there. It was very 
unusual to meet such sounds at times when Electronic Music just 
apppeared (70-s), those sounds haunted and attracted me.

The deeper I go into understanding of the electronic intricacies 
the more I open such an immense world that is too hard to 
discribe at once. As we stay haunted for a long time watching 
the pictures of the Great Artists we can recieve the Beautiful 
Electronic Composition and get our saturation from the palette 
of the sound paint. The palette of the Electronic Experiment 
for me is intertwined with the palette of the artistic paint. 
I wouldn't say well-known truths if I say that sounds have colours. 
It's just about to learn to see them.

I thank my Lord that gifted Life to me and inspired my Creation.