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Chicago, IL, USA
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Hip Hop, Rap, Pop
T.I. Twista, Eminem, Bone Thugz N Harmony
"Your flow is something i never heard b4 & in fact your music compared 2 most i hear on the radio is original, fresh, creative, and i think your way better then all these dudes up on MTV....WOW!". - Kris Of The Soundamentalists -


Kenneth Lamont Patterson, ["Vitul"], was born December 28, 1982 on the Westside of Chicago to Melvin & LeShawn Patterson. He attended William E. Gladstone Elementary & graduated in 1998. In the fall Kenneth attended Jesse Spaulding Highschool, there he played Varsity Basketball all four years. His goal was to play ball professionally but that all changed when he was introduced to Hip Hop by his long time friend Reshaud Johnson.
At the time Kenneth played around with it just for fun & to fit in with the rest of his musical peers, but he began to fall in love with it. Kenneth graduated from highschool & went on to study Web Design at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago but found himself struggling to pay tuition so he put school on hold to get a job. It was then that Kenneth decided to do something bigger, he decided to make music his life.
As a teenager Kenneth watched his family struggle and soon fall apart because of low income. He & his family went from apartment to apartment, purchasing hotel rooms, to sleeping in the families station wagon but just like a real family, they overcame all. Those things motivated Kenneth to work hard at his dreams.
"God put me on this earth for a purpose. Just like he had a word for his people, I feel I have a word for my people as well so I used lyrics to get my point across".
Through his musical journey he has worked with many producers/artists such as Chicago's own Malachi of The Mercenaries, Steve Anderson (engineer) of Studio11 as well as a host of others from Chicago, Kansas, NY & The UK.
Kenneth has performed at many talent shows, open mics, clubs, poetry jams, church's, birthday bashes, funerals, etc.
"My music reflects real life obstacles. I only speak on the real not the unrealistic. You will never hear me touch basis on things I know nothing about. I only speak on what I know, on what I've been through or what my circle has been through and seen. I make music that people can relate to because everyone can't relate to the fast life, everyone can't relate to selling drugs, everyone can't relate to having bankrolls, and driving flashy cars. I can't relate to any of those things. I try to make my music as versatile as possible to please the biggest crowds but it still reflects my personality. I try to value my originality as much as my lyrical ability. I'm out here trying to make a name for myself, by myself.
So be on the lookout for Vitul, I'm ready & starving.