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touche ensimismado

touche ensimismado
Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Electronica, Alternative
touche ensimismado
Too many to mention but if my sound reminds you of someone else drop me a line please.


Hello, Im from Cardiff in the UK but now Im based in Madrid, Spain. I lived a few years in London where I spent most weekends singing cover versions as vocalist in a band made up of like minded friends. Well, when I say like minded, I was referring to our shared love of cold lager as musically we were like chalk and cheese. You know, sort of like Oasis meets Des OConnor but we had a good laugh. Not too sure about the audience though. Shaving my head became a life transforming experience as as well as saving no end of money on shampoo and avoiding endless hours thinking about which colour comb I should buy I also had extra time when I would have normally been at the barbers which I put to good use producing tunes. Consequently whenever I finish a tune I rub some of that green gunk into my scalp that they used to always plaster on blokes heads when I were a nipper as a sort of homage to musical alopecia. Met a Spanish girl who whisked me off to Spain and here I am doing my best to juggle married life with two kids and Cubase and Sony Vegas. Like dance tempos and generally electronic music but am a sucker for a good song in any genre with a lyric I can relate to even if Ive got the wrong end of the stick. I sort of feel I own the song a bit then dont you? Anyway, working on some new tunes Id like to share with you soon. Oh didnt I tell you? Tom Robinson very kindly played Undercover of Love and We Stood Up on his BBC Radio 6 Introducing show. Even did a rather good radio edit for me. Thanks Tom. Any feedback or friend requests welcome. In fact the more the merrier.