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Jamaica, NY, USA
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Indie, Hip Hop, Electro
Eminem, Bone Thugs N Harmony, 50 Cent


KING B.H.Y. is a music producer, songwriter, music editor, and an independent artist. As a young child living in Israel, he showed a precocious talent for music. His drive, passion, and ambition allowed him to explore his love for diversity with music. Moving to Brooklyn, N.Y., he was forced to face the harsh reality that life consists of two sides: one of happiness and the other of hardships, as well as struggles. Growing up surrounded by poverty and tough living conditions, the destitute lifestyle inspired KING to write the first part of his double sided debut album "S.Y.N." (which is read as "sin"). While rap and hip hop are two common and native genres to New York, especially to its streets, electro music is more known on the party scenes. Inspired by the thought and motivated by the idea of having his music blasting in dance clubs, B.H.Y. was influenced enough to make a more optimistic and memorable album that will take away the dance floor. He thus merged the two genres and wrote the second part of his double sided debut album (spelled the same way, only pronounced as "sign"). These albums are not only a reflection of his life experiences but those of everyone's.