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Alien Country

Alien Country
Lutz, Florida, united States of America
Rock, Country, Metal
Ian, Patrick, Bill, Rocky
Bill Joel, Brian Setzer, Iron Maiden, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Pink Floyd, Wes Montgomery, Tito Puentes, Santana
12/1/2012 - Wiregrass Mall, New Tampa Florida


We are a bunch of aspiring artists, who wouldn't be, right? Well, our stories are as different as our names and the instruments we play, but the goal is the same. We wish to make people laugh and cry through our music, if possible.

Our music has been called unique by professionals in the music business. It has been called "great" by bystanders. We know you will agree that the sound is at least unique, yet intriguing enough to want to make you grab your sweethearts or hubbys hand and drag them to the dance floor creating an experience worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

Please, visit us at and subscribe or stay on top of our venture.

Thank you, and may God bless,

Rocky Torres
Founder of Alien Country, a Band of Aliens