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Tranquilitye aka Kompany

Tranquilitye aka Kompany
New Pondsite, Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis
Reggae, Rap, Other
Tranquilitye aka Kompany, Hitz
DMX, lil Wayne. bounty killa, T.O.K etc


Born in the beautiful Island of St Kitts sister Island to Nevis, growing up in a strong environment our moms and music always played apart in our lives. We were not a money family but every day our moms made very sure our stomach are full. Whether lonely, frighten or depressed, music open our gate to happiness and did console us. Tranquilitye aka Farda is all about music, 24/7 he listens music, breathe music, sweats music and with a combination with Hitz aka Dun it, blazes music. At an early age both minds took on all problems, bullies and hardships but was always comforted by music. When Tranquilitye started rapping all who was around was amazed by his talent and just took him in, when music came from his lips he seems untouchable at that moment. Hitz always use to play round with his voice until his close encounter with death, now feeling a new lease on life puts alot into making music and music period. Now with his new meaning to life "Live and let Live" the combination of both artist was formed. Music to them spells DNA, whatever comes after will come. God has a play for everyone and they know they know God is always surrounding them and keeps them from harm. Without God will anything be possible. Any other information just link me.