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Rich Warren

Rich Warren
Orion, Micigan, USA
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Rock, Rock, Other
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just myself so far / the artist .
to many to list ..
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.... MY BIO :
picked up the guitar as a teen and never set it down , only wanted to learn a few songs just to impress a girl on a date :) , never really had any time to make any committment to any music band , just always had a guitar ,.... and I eventually got good at playing it ... got to a point where a freind of mine suggested I write a song , so with just a paper and pen , beat up old hollow body guitar ,... I wrote " 10 days """ " , I was so impressed with it , I purchased some more equipment ( used , 2 nd rate ) and wrote more songs ( 7 ) and added 4 cover ,...Im sorry about the poor recording , off my notebook , no drummer , no studio , Bass player Will Davis ( from Lake Orion ) assisted with the recording of my first 4 songs . I dont know how far or which direction my love for music ( rock ) will take me , but I still have desire , patience , discipline and curiosity to see how far I can take this ,... I am very humble , priviledged and thankful for the gift I have in music . Please take a listen on my music playlist with a quality set of headphohes on a low volume ( for better clarity ) . And please leave a comment , I will accept any state and not delete , criticism is welcome ,..... bless you ,......... Rich Warren