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London, UK
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Ambient, Blues, Jazz


Mark Reed Bio

Age 54 Born in London UK. Currently living in Basildon Essex

As a musician I'm just an old road dog

Bought my first guitar using cash from my paper round at age 12.

Spent teenage years learning every Shadows, Beatles and Led Zepplin song.

Mid 20's started learning classical guitar, self taught until decided to take exams. Grade 7 classical playing and grade 5 music theory

Started playing classical guitar and folk club venues late 20's then got invited to play lead guitar in a blues band. Knew nothing about blues guitar so chose to play bass and remained with the band for 5 years. gigging round London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk.

Early to mid 30's moved through a series of bands everything from country to rock and roll, 60's covers to rock bands, playing both bass rhythm and lead guitars.

Late 30's started to write songs and instrumentals for solo performances at acoustic and folk sessions.

Joined covers singer and worked for 10 years gigging around London and home counties.

Started writing and recording more songs and released 4 solo albums, the contents of which came from my solo acoustic repertoire.

Started to post all my material on the web, and received an offer to join a record company Statue Records.

This led to the experimentation of mutli track computer recording. The original request was for an album of 12 songs so I went back to the blues for most of it with some rock songs added.

Thus my 5th album Everything Counts was produced.

The contract was a years duration, but I still found my album on the labels books after 2 years.
I eventually unsigned myself from the company

From then on I became rapidly interested in writing and recording and have gone on to write and produce in total 9 album projects. Many of these have been sold at gigs, unfortunately not in massive quantities lol.

Live work drifted away after my singer retired due to ill health, I finished most of the remaining bookings as a solo act periodically hiring singers to work with me.

Current projects are, to re-record, mix and master most of my back catalogue with an aim to get some of my work published. 4 albums have now been published on ITunes and various other sites

Whose blues? mine! This is a series of 8 acoustic blues songs with a tongue in cheek approach to some of my blues moments.

Nice n Eazy which is a compilation of 11 jazz instrumentals much of this was recorded with improvised melodies and has a few fun pieces there.

Summer Dreams and Haunted Themes: For this project I used acoustic and classical guitars with a guitar synth to create some very moody works.

Snowbird: This is an album of solo guitar pieces, mostly jazz and blues with a few classical crossover pieces.

Looking to write some material for publication through music libraries etc

I will return to live work, working on a covers set for solo/duo work.I'm also working on a jazz classical solo guitar set for more specialised work.