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The Buzz Contenders

The Buzz Contenders
Canton, GA, USA
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Blues Rock, Rock, Blues
Brett Mullinix, Bob O'Hara, Rich Lalla


Just a bunch of guys looking to play something different with good dynamics and a groove. We call it progressive blues, some call it rock or blues, everyone calls it "cool". Sure we play covers to keep the Masses happy but that's not where our hearts lie. The covers we do perform have that distinctive Buzz sound.

We have all been out to a bar or a club and heard the same songs the week prior at a different bar by a different band. That won't be the case with The Buzz Contenders. What you will hear will be some great groovin originals, great vocals by all the band members, and covers not normally heard around the Atlanta music scene. And the originals, well they're in a genre of their own, check'em out and decide for yourself. Each new song that's written is getting progressively better as the band continues to gel.

Sounds Like: The originals have their own sound. What you will hear are songs with a groove, songs you can dance to, and good vocals. You will definitely hear some blues sounds, maybe a little cross-over-country, and some hints of jazz or ska. What you will not hear is slow country, metal, rap, or hip-hop.

Brett Mullinix:
Started life as an accomplished drummer (no he wasn't born with sticks in his hands). Brett decided to pick up guitar in an attempt to communicate as a drummer to the guitar players in the various bands he was in. What he didn't realize is that he would get great satisfaction from playing guitar and the song writing ability the guitar affords. Today Brett no longer plays drums, not with the Buzz anyways, but he does focus on playing guitar and singing. Brett does the majority of composing and writes all the lyrics.

The Buzz contenders started when Brett sent a blind email to Bob O'Hara through Bandmix. To Brett's surprise Bob responded (the previous 10 guys didn't) and they got together for a few "let's see what ya got sessions". Needless to say, something clicked and the Buzz was born. After about one year and one drummer, Brett called on a drummer from a previous project, Rich Lalla, to see if he would be interested in the position. Rich loved the music and agreed to come on board.

Bob O'Hara:
Originally played alto and tenor saxaphone in high school, loved the instrument but hated carrying those darn cases on the bus. Bob dropped sax after high school and picked up a bass 5 or 6 years later when he heard a friend play bass. Then that unexpected email came from Brett, and Bob was skeptical that this was just another invitation to play over-used cover tunes with a bunch of prima-donna musicians. Turns out neither were true. Today Bob enjoys getting together with Brett and working up new songs, and of course writing the bass lines for those ideas that make the cut.

Rich Lalla:
Often regarded as the second best drummer... in the Buzz Contenders, Rich Lalla has brought a profanity laced style of drumming to the Buzz. He quickly fit in with the band shortly after joining and has become the meat, if you will, that helps provide punch to this progressive power trio. Cutting his teeth in the mid-90's Atlanta roots music scene, Rich performed all around the Southeast in bands specializing in rockabilly, swing, bluegrass, country, and surf music. The highlight of his music career was when he attended the very first Hall and Oates reunion concert in the early 90's - while standing in the front row, he yelled out "Freebird" during a quiet point between songs. Darryl, John, and the band then broke into a doo-wop style version of "Freebird" that today is still part of the Hall and Oates regular set list...