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Slam Horse

Slam Horse
Plainfield, IL, US
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Pop, Disco House, Indie
Slam Horse
"Likely to go viral...well positioned for the American market." - Juan Moctezuma, International Artist Manager. "Compelling...vibe...will sell well. . .Slam Horse's voice is very recordable. . .very likable." - MTV's Made/American Idol Voice Coach,


Slam Horses powerhouse debut contains huge hooks, infectious dance beats, & a completely original sound. The lyrics are super clever, sexy & fun. And the album has surprising depth, with philosophical gems & evocative storytelling tucked between the sex-romps. This is one album you dont want to miss!

More than 50 female porn stars auditioned to be included on Slam Horse's new album, Finally Getting Nowhere. Released November 8, 2012, it celebrates sexuality, with live recordings of bed springs, zippers & champagne adding to the fun. The 70s-style wah guitar subtly suggests a pornographic aesthetic. Half the songs on the album are about sex, and several others are tangentially so. Whether serious or hilarious, Slam Horses lyrical genius is evident at every turn.

Finally Getting Nowhere is pop dance, with hints of reggae, So-Cal rock, disco, industrial, & Far East Indian elements providing nuance and depth. Slam Horse writes and performs his music on organic instruments, including guitars, synthesizers, & drums. Loops and samples hold a secondary position, providing what he refers to as "sparkle."

Slam Horse wrote the lyrics & music, and performed on lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, electronic drums, acoustic drums, & percussion. Studio musicians performed on guitar, bass, & backing vocals, with a large variety of porn stars providing sexy statements and much more.