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Noisy Neighbour

Noisy Neighbour
Zilina, Slovakia
Alternative, Rock, Acoustic
Beck, Gomez, Bob Dylan, Oasis, BRMC


I played guitar for quite a while when a friend of mine asked me why I didn't write my own songs. I said I liked music too much to do such a thing.
Things changed one rainy evening in a hotel room. It was raining at least one month in a row, and I was bored. I was bored like never before. I was bored to play other people's songs so I wrote my own - Being Bored in a Hotel Room.
It went well. I kept on writing songs. Attempts to make a band failed after few months, all that was left was electric guitar. I decided to make a digital band, to record everything on my own on the computer. That went well, too. I kept on recording songs until I had enough for the full length album.
So now what? Who knows, but I'm limitless optimist.