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Stockholm, Sweden
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Rock, Reggae, Dub
Pelle Svedén


Neznakomets is a soloproject with me; Pelle Svedén- Bass, guitar and music!

I'm a selfthought bassplayer that tryes to make the music i would like to hear but never does.

It's all instrumental. Instrumental music is sadly underrated and i have so much to say that i let the MUSIC do ALL the talking. Good lyrics are very important and my lyrics isn't, in my wiew, good enough, they seem to be to pretentious and abstract.

I like to explore "simple" harmonies, often in minor. To see how far i can stretch and use the "simple" harmonies!! In some way it's much harder to make a really GOOD song with three chords than fourtyseven!

I have almost never been able to play my OWN music because many musicians that i know don't understand how to play my songs(?!).

So i have to do it by myself.

But i'm searching musicians who are on the same level so that i can play my music live!

That's the thing! To play live!.