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Alexander Grand

Alexander Grand
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Hip Hop, Rap
Label name:
On The Run Entertainment
Alexander Grand
Artistry of Music is My Influence


Born and Raised in Jacksonville, FL(Duval); Alexander Grand, more commonly known as "Grand", grew up in numerous neighborhoods across North/Northwest Jacksonville. Born during the Infancy of Hip-Hop, Grand always felt a deep inner connection with the Music that so artistically displayed the trials and struggles of everyday Life in Urban America in the 1980's. As He(and Hip-Hop) continued to grow into the 1990's, Grand's experiences in Life gave him a deeper inner connection with what would grow to be known as "Gangster Rap". While his original interest went no further than "Listening" to Hip-Hop/Rap Music Grand would occasionally re-write verse from his favorite artists. As Time and Life continued to pass, the Artistic Hunger inside him festered with no means of outlet. It was only Chance and Opportunity that lead to Grand creating music with more serious intentions. Only wishing to assist his Older Brother display his Musical Prowess, Grand began to Write and Record and thus awakened the dormant beast inside. Life would soon take the opportunity to Record away before he was able to do any major recording, but the Monster that was created would never again be silenced. Over the following years Grand would continue to create in his mind, again with no outlet. Holding firm to his belief that GOD gave him this talent for a reason, Grand would again see opportunity placed before him. This time; with GOD on his side, Fire in his eyes, Hunger in his soul, and Music in hie Heart, Grand is taking the reigns of his Destiny and driving himself. When asked about his influences, Grand responds Humbly "GOD is EVERYTHING... I, therefore find Influence in EVERYTHING... The only questionable factor is what type of influence will the World have on You??? That's a Decision we can only make for ourselves..." When asked about his Musical Influences his response is a bit less abstract. "I grew up on it all, through it all... LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, N.W.A., 2Live Crew, JT Money, Poison Clan, Gangsta Nip, Ghetto Boys... So I'm influenced by it all... But as I grew older and began to find myself and what I stood for I started gravitating toward the more Socially Conscious Artists... Outkast, Goodie Mob, but there's always been the underlying connection to "Gangster Rap"... I mean this is where I'm from... How n Who I grew up with... It's IN Me... So I have a Natural Affinity for it..." As for his "Style" of music, "When it's all said and done, I, as a Man, use my Artistic Talents to recognize and express the state of the World we live in... I Represent without Glorification... I Inform while Entertaining... I bring Balance to a Musical Genre that's Over Saturated with less-than-genuine Artists passing their Art off as their Lives and negatively influencing the Youth." Grand concludes by saying "If there wasn't so much Money being thrown at the Bullshit floating around I might not even be doing this... But that's how GOD works... So I Thank HIM..."