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richie major

richie major
Pittsburgh, Pa, USA
Metal, Instrumental, Other
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richie major
richie major
Randy Rhoades, Richie Kotzen --too many to list


Welcome to my world....

it's a world of and death.

I would never consider myself a normal being...rather a being who continually tries to expand himself with my music and writings.

I have been performing since the age of eight, earned a degree in music, lived, loved and died throughout this event which we call life.

My music is based around rock, metal, classical, new age and anything that I feel in that moment or moments.

Thank you to all my friends, family, lovers, acquaintances, no shows and enemies for helping me become the person that I have become.

Sometimes in life you come to a point when you realize what you are supposed to do, what you have to do and born to do.

I'm a guitarist from Pittsburgh Pa. I have been performing since I was about eight years old. I studied Classical guitar at the University of Pittsburgh to earn my B.A. in Music. I have studied with Bob Lee, Jim Ferla, John Maione, Rick Vrana and Reb Beach(Winger, Whitesnake, Dokken, Alice Cooper etc). I have been influenced by Ace Frehley, Randy Rhoads, Richie Kotzen, Michael Hedges and Jeff Beck just to name a few. I have taught guitar for about 12 years professionally.
Recently (2010 - 2012) I have taken a musical hiatus or sabbathical (get it Sabbath - heehee) from the music scene to travel and soul search. I found that I must continue with music in any sense. I consider myself a metal/rock player but have also written classical, rock, acoustic and instrumental type music.

I currently am finishing 4 instructional books.---hint--looking for a good publisher. I have also started my first horror novel(this should be fun). I am an avid mountain biker(not too crazy though) and find the outdoors away from the world spiritual, healing and full of artistic self-discovery.

Thanks for listening and stay in touch my friends