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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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Instrumental, Rock, Alternative
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Interventional Music Entertainment & Drycut Productions
Various Artist & S.C.H.


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My name is Seth Christopher (Daryl Wayne Baxter) Haehl. In 2004, I was adopted and my name was then changed and the name was presented by my mother, and for her it was changed. I was born 1984-4-1. My uncle, Dick Baxter, has been a great Hollywood Successor! He has managed and worked with the most famous stars of his era and then some, beginning here, in Indiana. He left in his early 20's and formed Dick Baxter Management in 1963. He worked on the Lawrence Welk show, Hee-Haw, managed and worked with Dale Evans and Roy Rogers, "The Queen & King of the West". This year, 2013, my uncle celebrates 50 years in Hollywood Entertainment, Business, and Hollywood Show-Business. For more about his and Osie Jackson, his best friend (Also Highly Famed Hollywood Manager) visit my website interventionalentertainment or purchase his Autobiography at Titled "Standing Tall in the Shadows - Memoirs of A Hollywood Manager". He has seen and worked Hollywood since the beginning of time...

As for myself... I have been a songwriter, producer, graphics designer, web developer, the entire nine yards in music entertainment. Primarily I compose, produce and master my own productions, and have done so for 17 years. I have worked quite slowly, though have written over 100 tracks. I just like to write music and it doesn't normally matter what I am writing, the music always directs one in many different paths! I am virtually and realistically an unsigned artist, and have always been. However, I journey my own label 'Interventional Music Entertainment (I.M.E.). I have a very open mind toward the industry of entertainment and consider it to be a privileged, one that must not abuse. One day I would love to write professionally, on the cover. Life takes us where we are meant to be, eventually.

I have only one thing to really say, that is; thanks to all of the new people here! I appreciate all of the support, whether you are from Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, or Reverb! I appreciate everyone's support!

It means a lot!

Thanks every one!

Interventional Music Entertainment

'art saves lives'