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Seattle, Washington, USA
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I began my love affair with music at an early age and I can truly say that I love music of all genres. As a member of the 1st generation of MTV viewers I remember rushing home to finish my homework, so I can crash in front of the TV set to watch the heavily rotated "Thriller". Yet, I can also recall a time when it was just about the music; an era when we vividly experienced music through our ears and our hearts, and the shared energy of live performances.

That was over twenty years ago, so to say that I am a late bloomer is an understatement. My modest musical journey includes membership of The Gospel Truth and the International Peace Choir, releasing a single as an independent vocalist in Anchorage, graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, and a few short lived stints with cover bands. Live To Love", my debut album, features songs that placed in VH-1's international songwriting contest, including "The Sun Will Rise" which earned semifinalist placement in its category.

I can't recall a time that I was not actively involved in some type of musical project. Like a kindred spirit, music is always with me, it taps into my brain as I sleep, and serves as built in muzak as I work. It assists me with dealing with the painful paradox of love and redemption, and is a vehicle for self-expression and release.

I am truly humbled by the opportunity to create and share music with others and appreciative of all the wonderful and talented instrumentalists, vocalists, and engineers who have contributed to Live To Love and of whom I have met along the way.