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The Borden Asylum

The Borden Asylum
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Andrew Bouvier (Guitar/vocals)
Haha! Everything under the sun and moon


Where do I begin to even start? Ok, I am keen on individualality, and particurly inspired by the anatomy of artistry. As an artist, we all possess the ability to think very creatively (whether or not it's positive or negative and whether or not we produce beautiful, consistent art or inconsistent rubbish.) The fact is; it's all beautiful. We possess the ability to expand our minds, thoughts and feelings, to paper, or via painting a painting, and creating a dreamscape through writing music. "The writer must write what he has to say, not speak it - Ernest Hemingway.) The most beautiful thing about it, however, is how much of an impact it has created for the kids of today, and the kids of 30 years ago (and the kids from 200 years ago, that were rocking to Mozart!) Point? MUSIC WILL NEVER BE DESTROYED. As it just keeps rolling, like a snowball headin' for hell; or more like a speeding train that isn't running out of track anytime soon. As it's up to us musicians and us fans to make sure it stays that way (Rest assured). In todays day and age, people overlook a lot of things; things that aren't supposed to be over looked. So much negativity that goes on in the world; OUR world, and it's we musicians, we artists, we authors (I speak for all of us) who choose to stand up for a cause and write about, go forth, and forge to the front lines... Our work is open to critisization from every aspect, no matter what type of work you do. People only (ignorant people) believe what they want to see and what they want to hear, instead of working with things in a different light and knowing that the fact is, and where the bottom line is... But fact is, the music and material is there and very real, and I think it's safe to say that it can speak for itself. It always has, and always will. Plan to be different. DIFFERENT is what you want. Unique is whats expected isn't it? And remember no matter what, if you love doing something and you've got a dream that youre standing back looking at. Run after it as fast as you can. Let nothing or no one step in your way. Ignite off the things that inspire you. And Fly. I am inspired by so many things; my family, famous quotes, some many people (Edgar Allen Poe, Andy Warhol, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain,) critics, the human brain, outer space, human behavior, animals, the environment, the idea of inventing. Negativity, positivity. Everything. I love a variety of all artists and musicians, and thinkers alike. From Lil Wayne to AC/DC to "I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony..." from The New Seekers on the old Hilltop commercial for Coke. From Gandhi to Jim Dandy, to Steven Lynch, (even if Steven is a comedian, he writes very good material.) and EVERYTHING in between. Call it what you may but to me, that's real, and it's art that gets as close to perfection as possible. I throw aside no creator, because to me, it's all worth taking in. I put every ounce my energy and emotion into the songs I play, and I love what I do and it just so happens to come natural to me. I create music for me, and for the reason that I want to give back to others what others have given to me. I believe in happiness. I believe everyone should relax a little. (In the words of John Lennon "All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a Chance".) HE, like the army of us who stand behind his beliefs, and his music, and the beliefs of the 420 lovin' peace makin', music cultivator Bob Marley, agree. World Unification via music. Some may even call it a religion. (I do) And If you ask me...It's the only thing thats kept me sane on this planet. Or insane; and so we go, to put our work out here for all to take aim at. Well here mine is. Take aim. You wont shoot me down. And for all that being said: I salute each and everyone of you for all your dedication and work you put into what you do, and I hope you do the same for me as well. Now it's time for me to give my contributions of music to the world. Not for money, but because I stand up for what I believe in and want to give people MY music, in hopes they get satisfaction out of listening to it, the way I got satisfaction of creating it. We do what we do for the pure LOVE, and passion of it. Our work is only meant to remedy ourselves, and remedy each other. When it comes down to it we think and create, for the goodness, and for the better half of mankind. thats it. "Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war and until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes. And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, there is war. And until that day, the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, rule of international morality, will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained... now everywhere is war. -Bob Marley" You can call me Andrew. I am 18 years young. Ever since I can remember music has been the number one purpose of everything for me. Every amazing experience and emotion I've felt was through a song. I've been literally through hell and back in my whole 18 years on this earth and I can honestly say Rock N' Roll has saved my life, and as I sit here and type this humongous script, I have the feeling that a lot, (and I mean A LOT) of people can know where Im coming from, (Those who have read it this far). Ever since I've been a little tiny kid, I've been fixated on music. I just always obsessed over music, ever since i've been in 1st grade. It wasn't just the song, but the ANATOMY of the song, and who played what, and how the guitar players generated magic from their instruments, and how the singer belted it out and put on a great stage show. My first technical "favorite" band was (still is) The Beatles. From the time I found them at second grade, I just began growing my musical library of a brain. When I was 7, I got my first Beatles album and played it until I wore it out. I knew every single song on it from front to back. (I used to mime The whole CD, using a sword for a guitar haha.) I site my main influence in music period, being The Beatles. Specifically, John Lennon and Paul McCartneys creative mind and ability to work well together, and the music that came out of it. Fast forward to when i was 9, I got a fascination with learning how to play the guitar. So I found an old hollowbody in a room full of junk, and I would just lay it down on the floor and pluck around with it all the time. I didn't get much use out of it, and it wasn't until I was 11 that I got my first real electric. My dad showed me a few chords, and I plucked around on it for a while, and by the end of the day, I could play every song on the setlist, INCLUDING Angus's long break solos in AC/DC's: Live At Donington DVD. I site my main influence to pick up a guitar as: Angus Young, (AC/DC being my second early childhood all time favorite band and influence). Since then I have learned my way around the guitar pretty well. I started singing and trying to write songs at about age 14, because of a man named Kurt Cobain. (Nirvana is my third all time and influence). And since then I have done nothing but develop, and find new influences, and create. Four years later, here I sit at 18, wondering what it is that I am going to do with my life. I've figured it out. I want my work to revolve in the music fieldIve spent the last several years in between here and there discovering my inner musician, my inner person and I have found it. As a guitar player, I am influenced by all the greats, and adapt my style to imitate whatever I have to. Not copy cat, but my own individual style. I'm not sure that I can qualify myself as a "songwriter" just yet; but I feel I'm on the road in the right direction, and feel like nothing can get in my way. My songwriting has developed in the last few years especially; recordings, music and lyrics, completely spontaneous. (And I'm pretty darn proud of it.) Just me and my acoustic guitar, and the inspiring situation that causes me to even pick up the guitar and record with whatever it is that I have to record on in the first place. Most of my songs are acoustic, but they are also demos; they are subject to change. These are Raw, unplugged and uncut. My main goal is collaboration. Play with other artists. My ultimate dream would be to collaborate with Sean Lennon. Obviously Sean isn't his father, but he picked up where John left off as far as raw talent and songwriting go. I would say Sean is also a big influence on how I write. I really look up to him, especially in that aspect. I want to be around people that have the same intellect as I do, and that will help me shape and mold what Ive got, and what I do. I feel I will definitely develope and mature not only as a singer/songwriter, but also only keep getting better as a guitar player. We can only continue to get better in what we do. I am confident (NOT cocky), and just like the artist, who paints his mood, because of the state of mind he's in at that particular point of time. Always subject to change. Good change. Bad change. But no matter what, go after it and never look back. So thats what I'm gonna do. Thanks to all those that read and listened to what I had to say