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Akin Adams

Washington, DC, US
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JImi Hendrix, Beatles, Soundgarden, James Brown, King Tubby, Kraftwerk


Akin Adams is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, bassist, producer and mad scientist with an original sound blending rock, reggae, hip-hop and electronic influences.
Inspired by the experimental innovations of Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles, Akins musical vision weaves large-hearted drums, deep soulful basslines, gutsy guitar riffs and wild sonic textures together to animate insightful songs exploring existence, love and spirituality.
As the lead singer and guitarist for NYC rock trio S.A.M. and as the founder of NYC illbient pioneers BYZAR, Akin has opened for artists including the Ramones, Bad Brains, Michael Franti, the Chemical Brothers, DJ Spooky and the Art of Noise, and has recorded for labels including Arista, Asphodel, Knitting Factory and Liquid Sky. Byzar's video of 'PHLYYX' was featured on MTV's AMP in the 90's.
Currently based in DC, Akin recently remixed several tracks for the Jessica 6 See the Light remix EPs, did session work with DJ Spooky and is working on the AnotherEvolution EP and album, and the next BYZAR record.