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Jam Abraham

Jam Abraham
Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK
Rock, Alternative, Indie
Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Melvins, Harvey Milk, Pantera, Foo Fighters, Fantomas, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, The Doors, The Beatles, John Lennon, Howling Wolf, Seasick Steve, Cream, Rolling Stones,


Jam Abraham are a 5 piece alternative hard rock band from Yorkshire, the members are,

Mark Whitmore- Guitar/vox
Eddie Connolly- Drums
Kelvin Burn- Guitar/Noisemongery
Stuart Brennan- Bass/vox
Paul Farrell-guitar/vox

The best way to describe the sound of Jam Abraham is errrr.. err. Metalgrungealternativefairgroundstonerrockrobotnoisepsychadlichardrockfkin, come to a gig.

Jam A have been on the UK underground scene for 7 years and are not your usual band. With a unique sound and relentlessly rocking material they have managed to gain acclaim from their peers. Their live shows have prompted reactions such as, 'That were a bit freaky'- unsuspecting punter. Our goal is to make the best music we can, and that is why we exist as a band. It is not all fun and games.