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Nicky Lee

Nicky Lee
Kansas City, MO, US
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Rock, Blues Rock, Instrumental
Nicky Lee
Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen


My biggest influence I would say is Eddie Van Halen, I love his technique and his charisma, he just has a way about him that screams "I'm badass".
Growing up in a small town called Bates City, Missouri where the population is a gas station, I didn't have much to do other than listen to old KISS, Van Halen, Ozzy, Journey, Poison, Bon Jovi, Gun's N' Rose's and Eric Clapton records. The ones I gravitated to most were Van Halen, Gun's N' Rose's and Eric Clapton, listening to them habitually.
At six I got my first guitar, but like most kids I wanted to play outside and listen to my head phones. At fourteen I was a roadie for my fathers traveling bar band "Fortress" setting up Marshall amps, drum kits, PA's lighting systems and tuning guitars. When I was sixteen I had the desire to play guitar in seriousness, playing in a few punk bands, and jamming out every chance I got. But as the pressure from my parents grew urging me to find what I want to do after high school I made a rash choice of joining the United States Navy.
After coming home from deployment in December 2009 I bought my first real guitar, it was an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, I was hard up for cash to pay my bills and sold it, I regret it more than you know. The next year I bought an Epiphone SG, teaching myself everything from barre chords, to music theory, dorian scale boxes, to major and minor scale boxes working on finger strength and common chords, your lucky if you find me without a guitar. I have been in bands since my days of jamming, but neither the chemistry or the ambition has been found in other band mates. My first CD I made was in late 2010, with it not being any good, I kept pressing forward, in 2011 I played my first set of gigs, and then in 2012 I played 28 shows while maintaining my 3.5 GPA in college along with another CD in early 2012 in which I titled "King of Spades", 2013 will be my biggest year with my production of my third CD "Monster of the Midwest".