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Achim G

Achim G
Soleuvre, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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Soul, R&B, Rock
Achim G
My Family and furthermore Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Mother's Finest, Bernhard "Pretty" Purdie, David T. Walker, Queen, YES, Genesis, Prince, Michael Jackson, Mike Oldfield, Metallica, Van Halen, Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Conti, Laurie Johnson
Achim G seamlessly ties together musical genres like Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, R&B and Soul. Striking lyrics with catchy hooks, a recognizable voice, Achim G is a soulful Multi-instrumentalist, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Publisher


„Born on an Off Beat Sixteenth Note Triplet Stroke“

Achim G was privileged to be born decades before the internet, a digital immigrant who was born before the existence of digital technology, but adopted it to some extent later. May be there is more in life than music, but life is easier with music.

„Song, Dance, Rhythm“

Grown up without computers in the real, true, analog world, he was introduced to arts and literature by the family door of a home music. Singing, dancing, playing Kazoo, Harmonica and the Flute paved his early childhood. On his Grandma's lap they played four-handed-noise piano.
Later as a pupil in school, he played Christian songs with the trumpet in a brass choir of the local church, sang in the school choir and performed home concerts with his parents and grandparents. These days, especially at Christmas, the whole extended family used to perform together in the Grandparents' living room. His grandmother played the piano, his grandfather caressed the violine, his Mother and Father sang while he played the trumpet.
He learned to play typical country songs with the boyscouts and some folk songs at the local youth centre on acoustic guitar in age of puberty, where at the same time, the new Breakdance wave opened his eyes to eventually practice street-dance-moves. He actually developed his rhythmic talent first by dancing, completely without an instrument except his body.

„The Rocker - Sportsmanship“

As he discovered Rock and Heavy Metal music, he accidentally started to play drums and percussion. Curiously, he was immediately able to perform complex rhythms, may be due to his fruitful dance affinity.

„Digital Immigrant“

Synthizers, Sequenzer, Drumcomputer and Midi slowly started to evolve in those yet analog-days. But Achim G never practiced drums without a drumcomputer, even programmed his own drumsounds, developed percussion and drumloops, just to play along to those for countless creative hours. So it came that even years before he ever used any text or calculation software at all, the very first computer experience was due to music and rhythm creation using a DAW (digital audio workstation). Lyrics and Love letters were still written with a pencil on paper, but music has been already created electronically in digital ways.

„Recording studios – after the take is before the take“

This should be the foundation of his success as project studio musician, sound producer and drumloops distributor. Artists of the local music scene used to say that nobody designs drumloops and plays a steady straight groove like Achim G it does. Besides developing his unique style as well as composing his own originals, he actively worked as a studio and touring musician.

„Next Gig – hit 'em 'til the smoke has settled“

His musical footprints have been found at many venues in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain and Turkey. Fortunately, the success of the album "Son Defa" of the band Ünlü attracted many fans in Asia as well. He performed shows with many bands and recorded for many artists and producers, seldom credited, but at least mostly paid.

„Feels like home“

Since the smoke has settled, nowadays, Achim G composes and records his tasteful authentic, soulfully simple and innocent written songs in his own recording studio in tiny but gorgeous Luxembourg, and he enjoys every remaining minute of his life with his family and spiritually in musical humbleness and peaceful grace. Obviously, god sometimes has mercy!

Achim G appreciates any comments, or any inquiries regarding booking and recording session dates.

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