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jah lee

jah lee
Osho Rios, St, Anns, jamaica
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Fire Fox Recording Studio
Bob Marley


Osbourne Campbell aka Jah Lee, born in a maroon heritage site majess, St, Ann cockpit country of Jamaica, Lee talented product of a father who mastered the strings, playing Banjo in a popular 1960's Myal Mento.
Band and s mother, the local revivalist representing the royal house of maroon spirituality. His gift to inspire thousand was already acknowledge, long befor he become favorite school entertainer at a tender age.
His music speaks rhythmically to spiritual consecration, healing to personal vibration. The music fell in the arms of the tourist entertainment market and later became one of the repear performance on the Montego Bay hips strip. Not before long he concretized his passion when he gained permenent status at reggae gardens Montego Bay only environmentally friendly, outdoors, open air reggae lounge. His mother called him Lee but his style performance; fans add Jah to his name. Jah Lee one born to be free, his flagship music earing him fans at a jumbo guinness promotion that created the need to record a number of interesting tracks frequently played on Jamaica's top reggae radio Irie fm. Give much credit to his own music promotion corp carries a roster of building, ambitious artist called the Fire Fax crew. To invest in this budding music marketing promotion.