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Magnetic Echoes

Magnetic Echoes
Reading, United Kingdom
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Pop, Alternative, Rock
Angela (Italy), Daniel (Spain), David (UK), Fredrik (Sweden), Richard (UK)
The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Cure


Magnetic is an eclectic band whose members come from all over Europe (Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden). Things we have in common are: our love for music, and...our day job, totally unrelated to music! We meet once a week at lunchtime at our workplace, and play/create music.

We were born as Magnetic Echoes in April 2012. We have been playing together for a number of years, under different band names and different configurations. In November 2011, the band members gave Ang a present: a book on how to write hit songs. They had grown tired of hearing her say that they needed to write original songs. Until then, we had been playing covers. One week after receiving the book she showed up at band practice with her first song, called "9 to 5". As the title suggests this song express the frustration of an artist at having no time for art because of all the duties of the day time job and the family commitments. Only ever so slightly auto-biographical. From then on, Ang composed approximately 20 songs that are currently being arranged by the band and produced. Most of the song themes are centered around family or romantic relationships (Love Hangover), but occasionally there are more light-hearted songs like "Holiday in Venice" or feminist songs such as "The Final Castle" (to be posted soon). All of them tell unique stories of personal struggles, inspiring moments, unfulfilled dreams, and longed-for happiness. In a word, they talk about life.