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Montego Bay,, St. James, jamaica
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Fire Fox Recording Studio


O/c (Halfadread) Born in Kingston Jamaica; he then migrated to the US at a tender age where he did all of his adolescence years. He then returned to Jamaica first at age 21 where he had his first experience at real Jamaican life. His mothers name is Fern Ford his dad he cares not to mention, his mother was born in the quiet hills of St. Mary and now resides in the US (Miami, Florida). Kevin has five siblings, two brothers ( Brian & Henry ) and three sisters ( Delia, Melanie & Gina ). Kevin is presently working hard, night and day to complete his musical mission. He is now located in the same hills of Boscobel St. Mary in Jamaica where his mom is from. He lives very humble and healthy and constantly praising Jah.

Musical Experience:
Kevins first musical experience happened at a very tender age while in Junior High School in the US. He first started out playing in his schools concert band (Nautilus Junior High School, Miami Beach Florida) with an instrument that he really didnt want to play which is the (Flute); he wanted to play the base Guitar but at the time there was no vacant spot, he had to resort to the only vacancy that was left (which was to play the Flute) Like always he works really hard at whatever he does, so there it was, off to work for Kevin. He practiced and practiced until he got himself up to the level of acceptance, which earned him his spot in his concert band. His first introduction to Reggae came from childhood, just hearing it play in the house daily he grew accustomed to the Sounds and Harmony of Reggae, it was like it was in his blood. He always loved musical icon such as; Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Berisford Hammond and Buju Banton, Tony Rebel and many other cultural Artists. While growing up Kevin never knew that his long term goal would be embedded in the making of music. He had a typical life that was consisted of hustling and making money. Kevin never had a desire during his teenage and early adult years to ever become an entertainer, however that notion faded away and the reality came to surface; it was only after Kevin started to feel guilty and sorry for all his crimes and street antics that he started to reconcile with himself and Jah. Upon finding out his soul purpose in life he decided to pursue music. His first attempt in his pursuit led him to the library to find books. Anything marking Music. He found one of great interest labeled (Music, Money and Success) that book became his musical dictionary. And then the journey began. Kevin obtained all the knowledge that he would find useful. He also equipped himself with the knowledge of Technology. In combining both he started to cultivate himself as a full fledged musician. He started writing lyrics, practicing to compose rhythms, combing both he started to make music. Kevin is now known for one of his best attributes which is doing big things in very small ways. He is now presently the owner of Home Dubbs Recording Studio which is located in Boscobel, St. Mary. He works in a very small environment which is home; but does a lot of major production work. Producing an artist from scratch, he is also his own engineer, he prints and organizes labels and CD coverings, artist pin ups etc; he also uploads his artists on myspace for advertising and promotional reasons, he creates websites pending requests. He goes as far as to do the ultimate which is making music videos, he directs and films and writes video scripts and shoots. Over all Kevin is a one man company. The highlight of the day is Kevins music. He is an excellent song writer and unbeatable when it comes on to timing (tempo). He is very articulate in the way he expresses his lyrical versatility; he lashes out in a very commanding and powerful way. He directs his lyrical condemnation on the Babylonian system and the injustice and destructive mentality of the oppressors. Kevin has a philosophy that he was sent to talk. He talks a little above the norm but he constantly rambles on and on about political and religious arguments. He is driven by the words of Bob Marley and insists to pick up where he left off. Unlike most Rastas today Kevin still believes in the Journey REPATRIATION. His intention now is to create a major impact in the Reggae Industry to transform the derogatory vibes that is being inflicted on the youthful generation. Someone has to do it, why not let it be him. (Thats what Kevin thinks).