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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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Princess waqatairewa


Hey all Welcome to Uniq's Official Fan Page!

I am a RnB, Soul and Hip hop Artist Subscribe, share and Comment n subscribe!

I am a RnB, Soul and Hip hop Musician/ Artist, 24 Years old coming out of the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. I have been singing and Performing since I was young, and have been a singer/ songwriter for most of my life, as of now I am an upcoming Psychologist, Mixing Psychology and Music Together is a Joy!

If you Love and Enjoy my music please feel free to share it around, purchase and provide feedback, as it is very welcome.
What sets uniq apart from other Music/ Artists?

The quality or state of being true:
(also the truth) that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality:

* A fact or belief that is accepted as true:
*The emergence of scientific truths
*The fundamental truths about mankind
* Politically Minded
* Emotionally In Tune
* Highly perceptive
* Mentally strong
*Spiritually discerning

The Music -The Music and lyrics are based on truth, It targets the heart and the soul of the listener and brings a certain peace and clarity., I believe there is a Inner War going on in everyone of us human beings- a battle between Good and Evil.
The main goal with my music is to bring Hope and Truth into the world today, inspiration and Power.
Believing that all music has power and I desire to use that Power in a good way and to add to the listeners lives in a positive way.