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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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David Bash Aka Bashness
James Taylor, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Bruno Mars


My Music Biography
Born and raised in Redondo Beach, California, United States. Previously a member of the United States Navy (USN) for 8 years, and also served in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for 5 years dedicating the last 13 years to military duty. As a result, to shifting my complete focus on music I am currently working on a project for the release of my self-titled album, Bashness.
Emerging from the South Bay Beaches of Redondo Beach, California where I attended Redondo Union High School. Later in 1999, I joined the United States Navy where I spent 8 years of my life and performed on deployment overseas with my group, "Article 86". Seeking to branch out for new life experiences, in December 2006, I started processing as a lateral conversion into the Royal Australian Air Force. Through my various experiences serving in the RAAF in Australia, I have had the distinct pleasure to be a part of an ensemble. Our ensemble "Pig's Arse", went onto perform for squadron functions such as the "Farewell to the F-111's" Oktoberfest of 2010.
As a result, I went onto transitioning to an Aussie way of life by embracing Australian Culture in becoming a dual nationality (Australian American) being awarded Australian Citizenship. Consequently, my military career has taken me from the United States now to Australia where I have permanently transferred from the United States Navy to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Now I have fully retired from the military, focusing on my Musical Career as a Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Currently, I am studying full-time on a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music Program) at University of Southern Queensland (USQ), where I will be increasing my repertoire as a music artist, and refining my craft as a songwriter/composer/recording artist.
Now with a music career as a Soloist Artist, I am now writing and recording music for my debut album, 'Bashness'. Check out my debut single, "A moment in time" ( Stay tuned, as I will be recomposing this song for a new release, to be determined on a future date.
As an Alumnus for USQ, I enjoy the lifestyle of Queensland and beautiful sights of Southern Queensland. Consequently, I have completed two University Degrees at USQ. All geared up, I have commenced studying full-time on a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music Program), and working on my musical career as a performing artist. In support of my music career I have been performing at venues around New South Wales and Queensland.
Check out some of my latest performances available on my social media sites below: