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Ashdown, Arkansas, United States
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Rock, Psychedelic, Blues Rock
R. David Price
Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, Buckethead, David Gilmore, Jimmie Vaughn, Rod Price, Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, Chet Atkins, Dick Dale, Frank Marino, Robby Krieger


Xbro is...
Multi-award winning visual artist R. David Price has brought his unique visions from the fine art world into the world of music. Recording under the bands name "Xbro", Price explores the sounds of his geographic roots in Texas and Arkansas found in the city that can claim both states, Texarkana. Brought up in this rich musical birthplace that lies at the crossroads of the two states mentioned as well as Oklahoma and Louisiana which exposed Price to his regional contemporaries, Scott Joplin, Conlon Nancarrow, Leadbelly, T-Bone Walker, Roy Orbison, Hoyt Axton, Don Henley, Whitehorse and more. Now through the work of Xbro, these audible visions finally reach the music world in the form of Rock and Roll with lots of outside fusions of Blues, Country, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Ambient, Punk, Swing and R&B thrown into the mix to form the experience that is Xbro.

January 2013 finds Xbro's music ranked #1 in his region for rock acts on the Reverbnation music charts with lots of new music scheduled for release this Spring. More youtube videos, and live appearances also are in the works. Having performed twice this month with the band Needleworm, Xbro continues to explore new grounds and 2013 is gonna be a blast!

So crank up your energy level and get creative with Xbro!

Rock Till Ya Drop!