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Ken Lawson

Ken Lawson
Tara, Queensland, Australia
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Country, Country
First and foremost is my family. My other influences are my job and the many interesting people who i have come across over the years.


I have been a passionate Country Music Singer/Songwriter since the age of 14, i first learnt to play the Guitar under the Guidance of my Father. As a youth i sang songs by some of the most influential Country Music Artists, and performed at many Local events including a stint being an opening act for James Blundell in 1991 in Texas. In my 20's i ventured into writing my own Songs, which i found to be very rewarding and i feel that i have achieved a lot through my storytelling. I had a break from performing while raising my family, and now have returned to performing. I recorded a single at Hillbilly Hut in Bateau Bay with Simon Johnson and released it last year, i was to return and finish the Album but found i was unable to do so as my Mother was ill with Emphysema and found myself helping my father to care for her. After a long break I returned to the studio where I completed the New Album Brought Up Rough which was released 28th of December 2012..