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Jackn Bones

Jackn Bones
Hove (Brighton), Sussex, England
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Alternative, Experimental, Big Beat
The Prodigy, Tom Waits, Jimmi Hendrix, The Beatles


After having our song 'Swing Cheers' played on BBC Radio Sussex I am currently collaborating with 'Arry Dirt on 'Feel The Music' and 'Pathogen' tracks which are as yet still unfinished and will feature raps from 'Arry Dirt once completed, although we didn't yet decide on a name for oursleves, I'll post the finished versions as soon as they're completed....
Once 'The Pathogens' and 'Feel The Music' are finished we will be sending them to BBC Radio Sussex.
In the early days I was inspired by my father, who used to play me guitar when i was a child and when I was a teenager.
I started out creating computer music when I was twelve before I ever picked up a musical instrument, my first instrument was Piano/Keyboards, I started playing some classical stuff on the piano when I was around thirteen but I didn't pick up a guitar until I was about 18/19 years old.
Nowadays I can play over ten different instruments, including; Didgereedoo, Bass, Recorder, Violin, Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Piano, Guitar and Drums...
I would very much like to secure an opportunity as a music teacher, however the local music charities I tried were not keen (some people just don't want to take advice).
I feel that teaching music is one of my true callings and I am certain that there are many bands, artists and young people who could benefit from my musical knowledge and experience, for instance, there must be enough people who would like to learn how to make a particularly phat, swingy breakbeat and I am happy to teach.
There must be many people who would love to be able to create their own tricky classical style guitar pieces or to be able to play Jimmi Hendrix style guitar, once again, I am happy to teach.
My 'sounds like's' do not adequately cover my many influences, Prodigy were a massive inspiration to me in my teens and I always wanted to be able to create the kind of Phat drums and Bass sounds that Liam Howlett would create WITHOUT using loops or samples, with many years practice, I managed to achieve that, but that alone was not enough, after years of using OctaMED on an old upgraded Amiga 600 to create Drum And Bass and Prodigy style stuff, I began to realise that my tracks needed more musicality, it was around 2000 that I first started to play guitar, doing simple finger picking riffs with 9th and minor chords, I also started to collaborate with 'Arry Dirt around this time back when we both used to live in Lewes East Sussex (he used to use the name MC Hazzard at the time), this was shortly after I acquired my first PC and began to become proficient with Sonic Foundry's ACID, Fruityloops, Absynth etc.
I learned to create my own drum loops using single hit drum samples taken from drum loops I liked such as the drum loop from 'Fools Gold' by The Stone Roses which I spliced from the full length version for the drum beat in 'Feel The Music'.
By 2003/2004 I had become fairly proficient at guitar, creating my first folk/classical style stuff, namely my own version of 'She Moved Through The Fair' and the swingy folky style guitar parts that eventually became 'Stolen Land' (which was not recorded properly until 2009/2010), in fact some of these musical projects, such as 'Dont Look Down' I had been toying with for as long as ten years, with earlier version created in collaboration with 'Arry Dirt (a.k.a. M.C. Hazzard).
During the course of the last ten years I have learned to play many OTHER instruments which now all go into the mix, i've never been a DUB or sample taking kind of artist and need to emphasize that ALL my work is created from scratch using carefully constructed drum beats and real instruments, I made a point to try and mix together my favourite elements from electronic music, (such as Prodigy style phat breakbeats and bass) with my favourite elements from acoustic music such as the beautiful melodies found in some of Enrico Moriconne's or Enya's music or the electrifying guitar riffs of Jimmi Hendrix combined with the Abrasive vocal style of James Brown combined with the heavy drum sound of 'Prodigy' for 'Sexy Sally', the experimental elements to The Beatles, a little bit of Tom Waits for the vocal in 'Wikker Wall' combined with the heavy guitar sound of a heavy metal or punk band such as Nirvana or The Clash.
And of course, I couldn't forget the beautifully spiritual sound of the native American Indian music which inspired me to create 'Stolen Land' with it's 9th chord riff and woodwind recorder parts, a similar recorder/guitar duo can be heard on 'Summerflow', which was also heavily inspired by Native American Musical Legends.
With my track 'The Pathogens' I wanted to try and combine Prodigy style Drums and Bass with some of my favourite elements of rap and hip-hop artists such as 'Eminem', 'Cypress Hill' and 'Phi-Life Cypher' with elements of Enrico Moricone or Native American Indian style musicality aswell.
For 'The Highlight Of My Day' I wanted to mix elements of Prodigy style drums (with swing) and some of my favourite elements of 'The Beatles' such as the beautiful chanting sung by John Lennon in 'Tomorrow Never Knows'.
For my song 'Don't Look Down' I wanted to mix elements of Classical violin and choral music with Electronica style break-beats and basslines, for 'World War Three' I wanted to mix elements of electronica style drums and bass (with swing), with elements of Choral music and 'Phi-Life Cypher' type rapping, the story found in the lyric for 'World War Three' is based on a science fiction story of mine called 'Babushka Loop' and features a rather interesting time paradox.
Each song has its own story, but unfortunately I have not the space to tell all of those stories here.
I believe there are two schools of thought in music, there are artists who get good by refusing to take advice from other musicians and there are artists who get good by accepting guidance, both is good.
I see myself as a teacher and an artist especially FOR other artists.