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San Jose, California, USA
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Metal, Rock
Ax Excruciant-Lead Singer, Mike VanMiddendorp-Drums, Ray Warsitz-Bass, Ed Thornhill-Lead Guitar, Tommy Lane-Lead Guitar
Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Slayer, Anthrax, Forbidden, Death Angel, DIO



DAMNASTY started forming in about 1982 in San Jose Ca. when Ray W. met Mike V. in Jr. highschool @ Piedmont Middle. At the time Nike V. played the drums in the school marching bamd & Ray was in the school chior. The two of them would soon hook up with Mike's childhood friend Edward T. Ed was the first one of us to get his first musical weapon (Seville Flying-V) Ray's 1st musical weapon (a 2nd/3rd/4th? hand "beater" guitar & "The RAT" Distortion Box) with the help of each other & a few close buddies the two of us learnd to play. Mike V. would soon get and master his first 5pc. drum kit. Mike & Ray would soon meet another local guitarist Tommy L. After the 3 of them learning a handful of thier favorite cover tunes Ray & Mike played for Tommy a song that we had started writing and within a week DAMNASTY's first original song (In The Night) was complete. DAMNASTY now had a solid core of learning musicions and was now ready for vocals. After auditioning a bunch (& I meen a BUNCH) of singers we finally grabbed Ernie C. After about a year of practicing & writing new tunes we were ready for our first payed gig. On Sat April 2, 1988 we played the Mountain View Theater in Mountain View, Ca. and by Thur. July 28, 1988 DAMNASTY would play thier first headlining show @ The Moumtain View Theater. After a couple of years they got a new singer AX EXCRUCIANT (formerly from HAVOC) and on Mar 21, 1990 He would play his first DAMNASTY gig @ The Cactus. For the next 3+ years The DAMNASTY Boys would write a BUNCH of new tunes and play alot of little Metal Clubs in the North Bay, South Bay, Eastbay, and all up & down the peninsula. The only thing that really sucked for ALL of the Bay Area Bands back in those days was the "PAY-2-PLAY" Especially in the top 3 Metal Clubs in the Bay Area: 1. THE STONE - San Francisco 2. THE OMNI - Oakland 3. ONE STEP BEYOND - Santa Clara They made you sign a contract guaranteeing a certain amount of ticket sales and if you didn't sell 'em you bought 'em. To say the least, we were definitely NOT doing it for the money. The clubs were definitely screwing the Bands but if you prove that you could consistently sell the tickets, every once in awhile they would "throw you a bone". One of the bones DAMNASTY got was to open for ICE-T & BODY COUNT @ One Step Beyond in Santa Clara to a completely packed house. (I've posted a couple of songs from that show the DAMNASTY1 YouTube page) v=aLzce9A3RsQ&list=UU3JvDhtXY9MpMqgx7bar9NA&index=14 m/ m/