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Unknown Airman

Unknown Airman
Omaha, NE, usa
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Wild Bill
Joe Satriani, Dimebag Darrell, Ritchie Blackmore


I'm Wild Bill, The Unknown Airman: unlike the Unknown Soldier is a different animal, not of this earth, sent here to observe. The soldier is concerned with war,chaos,taking orders and patriotism. The Airman is concerned with things of the world and why the people treat themselves the way they do. A loner, a rebel, who has cause for concern. Nobody will listen to his warnings and wonder's why...! I think the world should ban the bankers for pegging the people of the world against each other.
I was the bass player for Denver Co. band "ICKY FAVORS" now I've moved to Omaha, Neb. and working with the band "Violent Transitions"
I was a real Air Force airman(served 14 years for my country) I'm gettin' up there in age and I'm tryin' to make a mark on the earth that I have to live on...WHY???