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Kevin Farkas

Kevin Farkas
Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, United States
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Kevin Farkas, born in Bethlehem, Pa. Kevin has been in music since he was very young. You may even say, Its in his blood! His grandfather played guitar back in the old country before coming to the United States. Kevin's father also played guitar, and all of Kevin's siblings are musicians as well! The music has been written, recorded, performed, programmed, and engineered by Kevin in his home studio personally creating the mixes you hear, with the exception of Guest Artist tracks, collaborations and works for hire. Kevin also hosts a popular internet Radio Show showcasing some of the webs hottest Bands and Artists creating a global environment to host my own material while advancing the careers of my peers. Kevins songs are filled with memorable Hooks in multiple genres and stylings, each containing their own personal elements and highlights. The tracks here indeed show the versatility of Kevins songwriting talents and vocal abilities! So click in the website, push play and get ready to go on a Musical journey, Kevin Farkas Style. For extended information contact: