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Rusty White

Rusty White
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
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Americana, Blues Rock, Folk Rock
Johnny Cash, Paul Thorn, Steve Miller, old time gospel


Rusty was born into music, born to perform it, born to create it. He got it the honest way, by being immersed in a pleasant cacophony of acoustic down-home rural north Louisiana sounds filling his grandparents living room from old guitars, fiddles, out of tune pianos, and deep rich voices singing everything from 1930's ragtime to Hank Sr. It was a powerful thing that forever altered the course of his life.

Born to Perform

Rusty's performed extensively on stages in the south, as both lead electric guitarist and acoustic guitarist, from his first band Militia and later as a supporting member with other area talents, splitting the time between local gigs and opening shows for some well-known artists.

Born to Create

Songwriting and recording has always been a part of the music. Can you say, vinyl 45? How about cassette? Rusty's sonic footprints can be found on both, with his first band Militia. Later on Rusty also appeared on local singer/songwriter Monty Russell's 2003 CD, "The Fool", produced by the highly-acclaimed Texas-native, Walt Wilkins.

These days he calls Little Rock, Arkansas, his home. Here in the foothills of the beautiful Ouachita Mountains, performing has been blended with writing and recording, something that has been a lifelong passion.