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Blind Fusion

Blind Fusion
Villa Ridge, Missouri, United States
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Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock
Chip "Doc" McGee - Drums, Jeremy Bates - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Tory "Jazz" Riley - Bass/Vocals, Zack Zerna - Guitar/Lead Vocals


Blind Fusion already has a fairly interesting story, even though it was technically just founded recently. To go back to the absolute beggining it started with Zack Zerna and Tory Riley. They grew up living in the same area and were close friends for a number of years. They started playing music together at a very early age. Tory got his first bass shortly before Zack got his first guitar and since then they have been jamming and writing awesome music! This dinamic duo of sorts ran into a drummer by the name of Chip James and a couple of other guitar players in they're senior year of highschool. This started a project that was eventually called Mellowtap. Due to several things and a lot of weird dramma this group pretty much destroyed itself. There were a couple of years that went by without a tune and then Zack started talking with Mr. Jeremy Bates. A guitar player that went to the same highschool as Zack, Tory, and Chip. Zack and Jeremy did quite a bit of collaborating and writing and jamming and whatnot and then Zack finally reached out to Tory once again to ask for his hand and bass. Tory agreed and then the search for a drummer was on. Chip was of course one of the first names brought to the table, however for quite some time he had a lot going on in his personal life and he just couldn't do it. But after a lot presistance he finally agreed to give it a shot. And since then this band has been gelling and cooperating very well. They have been creating and fine tuning a most unique sound that is bound to make a lot of people very happy.