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CQ Marketing & Promotions

CQ Marketing & Promotions
Atlanta, GA, usa
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B


Greetings and Good Afternoon,
Welcome to:
"CQ Marketing and Promotions"
We wanted to take the time to introduce our company to you!
We are an international marketing and promotions company that strives in
"Getting your sound seen"
Through many different social networks, blogs, and promotions via email.
We work hard and help you the, up and coming artists, to expand your demographic, expose your product, as well as distribute your give aways and promotional items.
We have a wide array of services by partnering companies including music production, video production, photography and graphics.
So now youre asking yourself:
What can CQ Marketing and Promotions do for me?
Well, here is your answer:
My goal every day is "Getting your sound seen"
I can use all of my contacts to help grow and market your product.
I can help you get in touch with the necessary people to complete your project
Whether it be video production, music production or graphics and logos.
I will also blog for my clients weekly and share my knowledge of the internet like;
where to place your music
how to promote on certain social music sites
the best times of the day to post
I have several packages that will be listed at the end of this e-mail, where in, I do promotions and advertising for you thru all of my social media pages.
I can put together your promotion packages in the right way so they are ready to be sent to the record companies and independent labels.
I also have a package to register you for any festivals or shows that are looking for talent to perform.

CQ Marketing & Promotions
Introductory Package Listings

Show Package
A month will get you registered for any venues that are looking for talent in your area. (Additional charges may apply because some festivals or conventions may have a submission fee)
Daily Promotions
Monthly for daily blasts of one promotional item (video, song, coupon, or jpeg) posting on various social media networks and blog sites as well, the promotional item will also be sent to all my email contacts
Daily Promotion +
Daily Promotion + i will put my stamp of approval on your material/product/location highly recommending that others in my network look into your material/product/location.
Deluxe Promotion
Daily promotion + and in addition you will get a full paragraph posted on my blog sites with any information you want included.
Promo Pack
With a one-time fee, the promo pack includes music, bio, press release letter, press package, photos, personal note, contact info.