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Poetic Truth

Poetic Truth
Kirtland, NM, USA
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Christian Rap, Hip Hop, Rap
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Truth-B-told Productions
God ,Jesus, Hip Hop


Poetic Truth is a minister who uses music to reach his peers. He was saved in Dec.2006. Throughout his youth God was not clear to him. Mainly because his parents were divided in their beliefs. Like it says in the Word a house divided shall not stand. Poetic truth faced many struggles in his life from drugs to alcohol and gangs to the pursuit of self gratification. He was also in an alcoholic family that introduced him to the dark side of life. At the age of 9 he had taken his first drink. At the age of 11 he was experimenting with drugs. At the age of 12 he was involved with gang activity which introduced him to the world of satanism. From the age of 14 to 19 jail, sex, money, drugs, alcohol, and gang activity ruled his life.
In 2002 between the months March and May he became involved with a women who is now his wife. She became a stepping stone that led him to believe that "love" was real. For many years Poetic Truth didn't believe in the word "love". Poetic showed "love" by talerating his actions dispite the out come. Then in March of 2003 his daughter was born. Shondiin, which means sunshine in the Navajo language, became a light to the life that Poetic wanted to live. When she was born he became focused on building a fondation for his family. He worked two jobs for many years and pursued a career in the music industry. In all his achievements alcohol and his gang managed to creep back into his life. At first he didn't recognize it but when he did it was to late. By this time his other daughter was two years old. With two daughters and another on the way his life began to make no sense to him.
It was 2005 and financially they were beyond where they wanted to be. Which blinded to Poetic Truth of his addictions. He was prosperous in a financial sence but still unable to beat his addictions. He would try to cover his feelings of shame and guilt with his use. This persisted until November of 2006. There were so many that would encourage Poetic to turn his life over to God but becauce of his involvment with satanism he saw no point in doing it. He believes that without those people planting seeds he would not have excepted Christ to this day. It was just a few days before he committed his crime and he was there on his steps holding a bottle of whiskey in his hands. Calling out to God he began to say" God if your real take this away from me". God in all his glory allowed him to commit his crime and this crime faced him with a 200 year sentence. God answered his prayer by taking the alcohol, drugs, and other things that kept him from being saved but allowed him to go to prison for 5 years. While he was in prison God began to work in his life. He taught him through AA and a couple other programs the source of his problems. He learned that his moral views were distorted and his beliefs got in the way. He realized he was filled with unforgiveness and needed to let it all go.
Although there was a Christ centered program that opened the doors to what he now uses in his ministry. The program was calling Crossings. In this program he learned more about the Word then he would have on his own back in the world. Not because they had a way better of teaching but because he wasn't distracted by the cares of the world. This was the foundation that led him to finish his parole and also rebuild his life and family.
Poetic Truth believes that God has directed him to be a light to his family and community. For before he began doing this his daughters knew nothing about Christ. His wife was still involved with the traditional ways of there people but through his actions they have come to be a part of his ministry. People ask Poetic all the time why he's invovled with Christianity. About why he has chosen to leave behind his cultural beliefs and the way they do things. First, Poetic believes that his culture has never really been a part of his life but the part that has has never reflected the true God. Second, he believes that witchcraft is a big part of the traditional beliefs and he doesn't want to be a part of that because of his involvment with satanism. Thirdly, Christ is not a part of their beliefs. It's not that they don't acknowledge him it's that they don't portray him. Poetic believes that Christ is the freedom that everyone is looking for. Whether it be in the jobs, life styles, addictions, or whatever has kept them in captivity. Truth-B-Told Ministries believe that if you haven't truely excepted Christ in your life than you are still being held captive to the sins and SIN in your life.
That is why they have taken the scripture 2 Tim. 1:7 and use it as there moto in life. Poetic Truth believes that fear is the source of distraction that keeps the world from God. But Poetic believes through Christ this can be overcome and broken. Poetic Truth has teamed up with many ministries here in the Four Corners and Navajo Reservation. If you are interested in having him a part of your mission you can contact at email:,, Booking for Poetic Truth PO BOX 3031 Kirtland NM, or 505-686-1766. And if you are interested in previewing the music visit We believe that God directed us to you for a purpose. Be Blessed and Stay Blessed. Amen.