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Sista Mandy

Sista Mandy
Reggae, R&B


My name is Amanda S (AKA Sista Mandy). I am a recognized Reggae artist/songwriter born and raised in Bermuda. Singing has always been a part of me and even though I had strayed from my music, it was always there deep inside of me. My sister Yolanda had always encouraged me to write. She would say "if you write your own songs, you will find the passion from within and once you start you'll never stop", she was right. I woke up in January of 2009 and knew no matter what, I had to fulfill my dream for the passion of music has fulfilled my life.
I have a passion for conscious, lover's rock and easy listening reggae and believe in sending positive messages. My inspiration for writing comes from my environment, surroundings, work and struggles that people endure everyday. My words are of consciousness, awareness, my youth, love, peace and unity for our families and our island.
I traveled to Jamaica in 2009 to pursue my singing career and was introduced to Mr. Ravin Wong, a well known producer in Portmore who is known for bringing singers Gyptian and I Wayne to name a few to the forefront. With encouragement and faith from my children, my sister and dear friends, I have been blessed to pursue my purpose and passion in life with guidance and fulfillment.
Open Performances in 2011 - 2012
Serious Time - Gyptian -May 2011
Serious Time Conscious Daughters ft. - Etana - June 2011
Jamalih - September 2011
Bob Marley/Barr's Park - Feb 2012
Bob Marley/Exodus (B.A.A) - Feb 2012
Stop The Violence - Feb 2012
I-Octane - May 23rd,2012
A Tribute To Bob Marley ft. Luciano, Mikey General & Ras Shiloh (B.A.A) February 2nd, 2013
Music is life and one can always relate to it no matter the genre. We need to spread love across our country and the world.

Mission Statement:

To be a vessel of which to touch the hearts, mind, body and soul of the people that listen to my inspirations thru song. To lift and inspire thru my experiences and to be mindful always that God is the head of my life and without him my endeavors are fruitless.

Peace and Love
Sista Mandy