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Grunge, Punk, Rock
Label name:
Critical Sun Records
Stratos Grey, John Matsoui, Micheal Fish
Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, The Wipers


From proto-punk to 90s grunge and from childish spontanity to dirty pop, MONOVINE are not afraid to play with all those cliches that put reality aside.
Originate from a small city in south-west Greece called Patras. The universe itself has formed MONOVINE to change the structure of our beloved society and find together The Truth.
We all stem from "One Vine".... No countries, no boarders, no flags.... Residents of the World. The emblem of the group is the Rat Messiah, the hooded rat wandering and spreading their message.
MONOVINE sounds like you and me, raw and hungry, with lyrics that move between search and idleness, creativity and self-destruction, denial and acceptance.

Their first album, Cliché , was released in 2011 by Inner Ear Records. It was a huge success and led Monovine to the top of the rock scene in Greece. Now it is on to spread their music to the rest of the world!! The next album will be released by Critical Sun Records in Seattle in 2013.

We believe in birth, sex, death and magic.
"Come And Then You Shall Be"