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North Omaha, NE, United States
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Rap, Hip Hop, R&B
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LiL Bezatine Mista Mista DJ LathanBoy
The Classics, NWA, Swishahouse, DeathRow, BadBoy, Influenced from everybody


Visit for visiting, All New Independent Rap/HipHop Label, UpHighLabel, is looking to break down the door for Indie Rap/HipHop in today's mainstream music environment. Hailing from the small but growing Rap scene of Omaha, NE with an original unique sound and surprising lyrics, it is definitely an upstart label you are going to have to keep your eyes on. The music centers around coming from nothing and just trying to make the best out of this life we were given, so whether you just hustling to make it day by day like us or living the good life just about everybody can feel the music we are bringing. Artists Mista Mista, DJ LathanBoy, and LiL Bezatine lets their music speak for itself. All influenced by different greats of the Rap game with one goal in mind, to keep taking music to the next level and to prove once and for all it's not about where you come from, how hard your life was, or the things you been thru that determines where you will end up. UpHighLabel hails from North Omaha, Nebraska. DJ LathanBoy(born and raised) Mista Mista and LiL Bezatine(cousins both born in Long Beach, CA, raised in Omaha) all grew up together in North Omaha and seen early the street life known so well by most Black youth growing up the 'ghettos' of the USA. North Omaha is roughly 80% black and if you don't know much about our city you should be able to tell by the music ain't no farms where we come from. Heavily influenced by the older homies growing up made us all see a lot because they were all simply about getting money not about the ganglife so we really had a different path growing up it was more like bomb weed, chicks, and trying to get this money. Getting started in music as a local group 'Str8MidWestBoyz' with other members RickG, KDub, and Sota, the group became known in Omaha music circles and performed many local shows as well as receiving local radioplay, recognition on 'Omaha Celebrity Lists' and even a nomination for the local 'Midwest Ent. Awards' for best Rap Group. The group ended in 2009 just to everybody being on different pages but was never really done you can google 'Str8MidWestBoyz' for more info and do not be surprised to hear more in regards to that in the future. Now starting UpHighLabel, MistaMista, DJ LathanBoy, and LiL Bezatine have all been there done that in regards to being Underground Artists searching for that chance now making it happen as an Independent Record Label. Look us up online and keep your eyes open as the next big thing in the Music Industry is on the come up, UpHighLabel is here to stay. Listen, and download the music(FREEMP3s), support, follow, and share through the links to your favorite networks, join the Official Mailing List at the bottom of the page for our Monthly Newsletter, and don't forget to Label us UpHigh.....