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Atlanta, GA, USA
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Frank Sinatra, Leonard Cohen, Tony Bennett


Simons passion for music has spanned over 6 decades. As a child of the 50s, growing up in The Bronx, NY, he embraced the eclectic music of the city. Walking down the street of his neighborhood, he would be engulfed in the sounds of doo-wop, Latin and jazz as it wafted from his neighbors blaring radios. The fondest memories he had as a child always involved music of the day (Tito Puente, Machito, John Coltrane, Count Basie, The Flamingos, and The Cadillacs). As a teenager, he would frequent the clubs of Greenwich Village watching and listening in awe to the biggest names in jazz.

At the age of 17, he joined the US Marine Corps and served a 4 year stint, stationed in North Carolina and then on to a tour overseas in Okinawa. Two of those years, he served as a trumpet player for the 2nd Marine Air Wing Band. Once again, he was surrounded by music. During the day, it was the March music of John Phillip Sousa, and at night, Simon would delight in the sounds of extremely talented musicians jamming to the music of Miles Davis, Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson.

After his service in the Marine Corps ended, Simon returned home to The Bronx and married. He and his wife (Hedy) and their daughter (Lisa) moved to St. Louis in 1971. Simon began writing songs as a way to while away the hours at night while he was traveling for his job. As often was the case, he felt he was missing the joy of watching his child as she made new discoveries and reached new milestones. His evening phone conversations with wife and child paled in comparison to being there. Simon would write snippets of thoughts that would come to him as he lay in some strange hotel bed. When he was home, he would refer to his notes and strum rudimentary chords on his guitar that seemed appropriate for the feeling he was trying to convey. On rare occasions, Simon would sing his songs to close family members and friends. The first 2 songs he wrote (Looking in the Mirror and The Eyes of a Child) stirred an emotional melancholy within most of the people that heard his songs. Nonetheless, Simon was too busy trying to provide for his family, and rather than pursue his musical aspirations, he simply placed his songs in a drawer. From time to time, he would sing his songs to his wife. She always thought his songs were beautiful and thought provoking.

Fast forward to 2010, Simon and family are living in Atlanta (since 1977). After retiring from the business world, he decided to take some guitar lessons, and perhaps it would help him improve on the songs he wrote so many years ago. After mustering up the courage, he played his songs to Johnna Jeong, his guitar teacher. Johnna thought that his songs had a unique quality and felt that there was tremendous commercial potential. Simon then went to Teddy White, a dear friend and an exceptional drummer, for a second opinion. After listening to Simons songs, Teddy insisted that . We must make a CD of your songs as they are quite moving and heartfelt. People will love your words and music.

And so after 40 years, the songs that lay in a drawer, gathering dust, are now a work that has been enthusiastically embraced by some of the finest musicians and vocalists in Atlanta. Their joy in working on this project was contagious, as it took on a life of its own. Vocalists and musicians throughout Atlanta, hearing about Simons songs joined on. They wanted to be part of making Simons odyssey come to fruition, one that took over 40 Years in The Making.