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Rock, Country, Electronica


Manguss, born Daniele Cagnotto, is an italian self-taught guitar player, songwriter, arranger and occasionally singer, bass player and fx programmer.
As his main background comes from hard rock music, he’s always been open minded and willing to explore a lot of different genres since his musical tastes go from rock and metal to pop, hip hop, electronic music, ambient, blues and more.
This unstoppable constant research is the reason why he has been taking part to so many different bands and projects. His career saw him playing for the black metal band MORTUARY DRAPE, the electronic projects DC PROJECT, SENSORY GATE, MATRIX MERETRIX, the ambient psychedelic band NG (NORTHGATE) and different hard rock bands such as LYMPH OF WISDOOM, WARNIPPLES and SHOWDOWN BOULEVARD, bringing to all of these projects his songwriting and arranging skills, besides his playing.
The guitar players that he considers sources of great inspiration for his own style are artists such as Jimmy Page, Billy Duffy, Vernon Reid, Rich Robinson, Eddie Hazel, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Slash, Dr. Know, Eric Clapton and many many others.
Manguss is currently guitar player and back vocalist for the band SHOWDOWN BOULEVARD, guitar player for NG (Northgate) and guitar/bass player for LIQUID GALAXIES with BROTHA BERRY, with whom he has been in touch and occasionally working with since 2007.
During the month of September 2012 Manguss left Italy and moved to the US permanently.
In March 2013 Manguss became Tokyo Rosenthal's official live lead guitar player.

With nick name Left-Hand Preacher:
-Mortuary Drape - "Tolling 13 Knell" (bass, backing vocals, songwriting) (Avantgarde Records)
-Mortuary Drape - "Buried In TIme" (songwriting and guitars on pre-production demos) (Avantgarde Records)
-Black Flame - "The Third Revelation" (guitar, backing vocals) on one track

With name Daniele Cagnotto
-Lymph Of Wisdoom - "Promo 2001" (guitars, vocals, songwriting)
-Lymph Of WIsdoom - "Promo 2003" (guitars, vocals, songwriting)
-Lymph Of Wisdoom - " Listen!" (guitars, vocals, songwriting)
-Sensory Gate – (guitars, songwriting) compilation "State Of The Heart 2" (Vip Nation Records)
-Sensory Gate DC project - from chant 1 to chant 15 (guitars, programming, songwriting).

With nick name Manguss:
-Warnipples - "promo 2007" (guitars, backing vocals, songwriting)
-Warnipples - "Gasoline Rock Motherfuckers" (guitars, backing vocals, samples, songwriting)
-Warnipples - compilation "Nella mischia volume 1" (Milosci Records)
-Warnipples - "Hangover Tunes" (all guitars, effects, programming, vocals, songwriting, co-production) Masterpiece distributions / Coyote Anthems.
- NG – “Dance Of The Avantgardes” (guitars, arranger)
- Showdown Boulevard – “Showdown Boulevard” (guitars, synthesizers, backing vocals, arranger, co-production) Lady Music Records
- Showdown Boulevard - "Saints, Poets & Sailors" digital EP (guitars, vocals, programming, dobro)
-Dark Territory - "Schmerztanz" (acoustic guitar) on “Tora Firome” (Guflu Industries)
-Rune's Order - "X trans genetic solution!" (guitars) on “Radiation Of Peace” (Creative Fields Records)
-NG (Northgate) - "Bendicion" (guitars) on “Greek God In The Cold” (Creative Fields Records).
-Klangstabil - "Math & Emotion" (guitar on “Gridami” as part of Sensory Gate)