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Steve Wallace

Steve Wallace
Bellflower, CA, La.
Postal code:
Instrumental, Fusion, Classic Rock
Carl Verheyen, Jeff Beck, Clapton, Alvin Lee, Scott Henderson, and so many more.


Good information. Where I'm located, there's no way I could be #1. Impossible with so many great players around. I rank #6, come on, really? I don't think so. I'm here because I love to play and create. If Im #1 or # 1001, it doesn't make me marketable, and if I were, someone would have snatched me up long ago for a profit. I'm pretty sure you wont find me on any charts that will do anything for a musician, but it's ok, I'm here because no one ranks higher than I do when it comes to passion and the desire to play my instruments. Just telling it like it is.
Steve Wallace