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Young C

Young C
Bluffton, SC, USA
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Hip Hop, Rap


I started writing music/poems at age 17. Music is my passion. I used to perform in clubs/bars but decided to let go of that life when my first child was on the way. I haven't written music for about 4 years. I guess I kind of gave up on it for awhile. Until one night I just couldn't sleep at all. I jumped up at about 4am and started writing. From that night I just keep pushing. I want to show the world what I have to offer. Born in New York where I lived for awhile then moved to Florida. Now I am here in South Carolina. I moved around place to place in each state the only consistency other than my family was music. I've been through and seen alot of things. I've done many things I am not proud of. My music is my story. Music is my escape it's how I express my emotions and tell the world how I feel and what I've been through. Hope you all enjoy!