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David W Bends

David W Bends
Ontario, Oregon, USA
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David is a country songwriter. His songs tell stories of love, happiness and heartbreak. Utilizing images drawn from his own real world experiences, his songs will appeal to a wide group of listeners.
Biography David was born in California in 1962, and today resides in Oregon. He considers himself "a simple romantic raised on country and rock and roll music." His "ultimate goal is to have an established country artist sing my songs." Many things including his love of animals, the outdoors and his family have inspired him. He loves to party too, his favorite being with friends around a bonfire and singing his songs!
He would like to thank; his mother, Carol Bends; his sister, Lorrie Bends; his friend Rickey Barney; and Manager Tammie Rose for being there for him. David just recently was engaged to his Manager Tammie Rose.
Description The purpose of this page is to promote and share the music of David W Bends with his fans, as well as promote his music to producers and artists. David recruited producer Steve Cooper at "The Songwriter's Studio" to create professional productions of his music. Utilizing professional vocalists, musicians and a modern approach makes David's music easily listenable. You will like what you hear!