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Vish Westin

Vish Westin
Fargo, ND, USA
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Rock, Progressive, Pop
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Old Age Records
Michael Westin
George Harrison, Cheap Trick, Don Henley, Ravi Shankir, Roy Orbison
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Grew up playing and listening to folk and rock in the 80's in the midwest...Aerosmith, Petty, Eagles, J. Denver, Bryan Adams. My Uncle Tom went to Jr High with Bob Dylan in Hibbing MN.

Our house and land was attached to the place where the largest Country Music fest in the midwest (at that time) was held in Detroit Lakes, MN called WE Fest. So we got to hear all the bands for free when I was just a kid! And we had the band house as my brother was dating the lead singer of a touring band doing USo tours, so the musicians were always staying at our extra house so we always had a variety of people playing and Jamming all the time!!

Traveled in 35 countries, being influenced by Indian raga and theme or mood music as well as Euro Trance. .

Played in bands for 3 years, had a two year gig playing and singing for 2 hours a night in Japan.

Song "Down by the Sea" released on Nepali Music LMT, first western artist solely released in Nepal and N India.