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adelaide, SA, australia
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Acoustic, Pop, Alternative
missy higgins,jewel,kasey chambers


Who is Kasey?? Well im a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Adelaide.Ive been writing my own music since i learnt my first and only cover song "you were meant for me" by jewel at the age of 18.I'd have to say that jewel was my main musical influence especially as i learnt to write and structure a song.I would write out her songs by hand to see the structure of them wich really helped me when i wrote my first song "Melt" and so on.
Once i got the taste of writing my own feelings down in song i became an original artist from then on.I didn't learn anymore cover songs and poured all myself into building my own music to what it is today! and im still evolving and learning new things.Thats what i love about original music! I think its so cool to write something that 5mins ago didn't exist and no one has heard before.My music is about my life and if i see a song in a friends story ill draw from that also,im like a sponge lol sucking in life experiences and converting them into song.
So once i had at least 10 songs behind me i started to frequent the local Adelaide open mic nights especially at the Gov.Before to long i was offered to headline at the Gov and was paid to perform for the first time, i was very excited lol.I then landed a spot on Radio Adelaide with Peter Godfrey to play live on air. After that i wanted to perform more and more i was bitten by the bug so to speak lol and then i landed a gig at the Adelaide fringe festival called "acquiescence" I played to the biggest crowed id ever played to that day 200 people all looking at me lol i was scared but excited and my tummy was flipping but i gave it my all and it was an amazing experience.
Everything was going well and i was writing music like crazy! at least 50 songs by this point! But suddenly life decided to throw me a curve ball and i lost my father to a heart attack :( im mentioning my father in my bio because if it wasn't for his support and encouragement in my music i wouldn't have written some of my best songs or had the confidence to share them.He was my biggest fan he was so proud of me and my music and i lost him....I didn't pick up my guitar,write or sing for 2 years.My heart was so broken and he was such a huge part of my music that i became lost in the thought that i couldn't do it without him.
Because i write on emotion the only music my heart wanted to write was about my dad and what i was going through, but i wasn't ready to do that yet and so my guitar got dusty.Over time i began to recover and make finger prints in the dust on my guitar.I was afraid that i couldn't write songs anymore because i was a bit rusty after so long and it would be the first song dad wouldn't hear.But i didn't give up and when i met up with my now producer Matt Rendell we started to record all of the music id written and it awoke the writer in me and i began to write again :) i wrote "Broadway road" one of my favorite songs!
The more we worked on my music the more new songs i wrote "you & me" then "aloha" then "heart of stone" and now "bleeding heart".Now i cant shut up HAHA and i know my dad would be happy that im writing again.i dedicate all my music to him every song...every note and every strum of my strings.And so currently im recording my first EP hopefully to be released early next year :) I have made it to number #1 three times on the Reverbnation charts and David Caplice from Warner music expressed interest in me and my music and invited me to attend his pop music rumble workshop that i will be attending on Dec 1st 2013.
Music is my life and my life is a song, without it i cannot live and my life's song is unsung.So until my hands can no longer write and my voice can no longer sing ill be making music :) Telling my story with 6 strings and a kapo...

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.
― Plato